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DSN: Ransomware News - Apple targeted

Apple users are not immune to ransomware. This month, Fortinet discovered a new ransomware scheme that targets Apple Mac and Macbook users and not only encrypts the user’s files but also collects user’s personal information by key logging, taking screenshots and tapping into the computer’s microphone. Even worse, if you pay the ransom, there is a high chance that you won’t get your files back. To help minimize your changes of irretrievably losing your files to ransomeware, make sure you are doing regular backups of important files and be very cautious when opening files from unidentified sources or developers.

As OS X continues to grow in market share we can expect malware authors to invest greater amounts of time in producing malware for this platform. According to Pete Turner, security expert at Avast, “Consumers need to be aware that the notion that there are more vulnerabilities in Windows than Mac OS, which render it less secure, is a fallacy. Rather it’s the smaller install base which makes Mac OS a less attractive target for malware developers. Mac owners need to take the same precautions as PC owners when protecting their devices by using a reputable third part antivirus software.”

Ransomware as a service (RaaS), the model used to spread the latest Apple ransomware variant, is growing in popularity, making it very easy for anyone interested in waging a ransomware attack.

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