IT Strategy

In this digital age, organizations need to have the ability to securely store sensitive documents. Langtech takes proactive steps in minimizing data breaches by ensuring our clients have the most up-to-date security programs and policies in place to safeguard digitally stored data.

Staying Current

As organizations expand their use of technology, data vulnerability increases. By relying on Langtech's dedicated security engineers, who continuously stay up-to-date with the latest security issues, our clients have systems and policies in place that give them peace of mind.

While all organizations need to takes steps to protect their infrastructure, no two organizations are alike. Langtech conducts a thorough review of each client's equipment and business practices to create custom solutions that protect the integrity of client data.

Langtech's attention to security does not stop at the rollout of policies and enhancements. Every day, Langtech reviews changes in the technology environment to provide recommendations that proactively address evolving threats.

Langtech's Security Consulting Services protect your sensitive data by providing:

  • Live Security Updates: Communicating alerts of new threats
  • Mobile Device Management: Securing and wiping data on mobile devices
  • Acceptable Use Policies: educating users on protective policies and activities that create vulnerabilities
  • Password Policies: Enforcing secure and updated passwords by users
  • Multifactor Authentication: Requiring secondary forms of identification to access sensitive information
  • Secure Infrastructure Management: Managing firewalls and other devices to prevent infiltration into the network
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